Monday, October 1, 2012

Somewhere Over Arizona

"Would that all the people of the Lord were prophets!  Would that the Lord might 
bestow his spirit on them all!”  (Numbers 11:25)

As we fly east into the night over the desert, a quick reflection for this 

I think back to the verse above from today's first reading.  Would that we all 
be blessed!  God wants his blessings to fall down on all his children, but both 
Joshua and John in today's readings feel a bit of jealousy because others are 
doing the things that they have been called to do.  Why are we constantly 
looking around and counting someone else's blessings when we should be thanking 
God for ours?  When we see a brother or a sister doing good works in the name of 
Jesus, there should be no jealousy or envy in our hearts.  We should rejoice 
that they are doing good works.  Each of us has been blessed with different 
gifts from above to be placed at the service of the kingdom.  Scott Hahn wrote 
in his weekly reflection that "God can and will work mighty deeds through the 
most unexpected and unlikely people."  I offer the twelve apostles as Exhibit A.  
Each and every one of us has been blessed by the Almighty to do great things.  

Yet, we get jealous and envy the triumphs of others.  Even within the Church, 
there are people and groups who think that their way, their group, or their 
particular ministry is the only way to achieve salvation.  The truth is that our 
parishes have been blessed with an abundance of ministries that tend to the 
various needs of its parishioners.  No ministry, no person, and no priest has 
the market cornered on salvation.  Each of us is called to do the Lord's will 
with the gifts he has given us in the ministry he has called us to despite our 
sins and failings.  John and the disciples thought that they were the only 
chosen ones when it fact we have all been chosen by Christ to perform mighty 
deeds and spread his blessings to all the world.