Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 7 - Thy Will Be Done

We say the Lord’s Prayer so often that we sometimes ignore the words.  Jesus taught us how to pray for a reason, and that’s why we should embrace every single word of this prayer particularly those four words that give us the most trouble:  thy will be done.  It is so hard for us to let go.  So hard to surrender.  So hard to abandon ourselves into the arms of our Father.  Yet that is where we are safe.  That is where we are loved.  Abandoning ourselves to the Father should be so easy, but we make it so incredibly difficult because we don’t like to lose control of our lives.  We like being independent, and selfishness places our will more often than not ahead of the Father’s.  That is when we get in trouble.  Unfortunately, it’s during the most difficult and helpless moments of our lives that we have no problem allowing God to take control.  Why?  Because when we are helpless we realize that only he can help us, only he can save us, and only he can deliver us from evil.  It is so easy to pray “thy will be done” when we are in desperate situations.  How about praying it and meaning it when things appear to be normal?  God’s will is perfect which is why we pray for it to be done.  So this Lent, get out of God’s way and allow him to accomplish his will in you.