Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 14: Let's Do Lunch!

Lunch time is a time of getting away from work for an hour to feed the body and refresh the soul.  It should be a time of refreshment, but in today's business climate, and the Church is not immune to this, it often turns into an hour of business.  We take clients out to lunch, talk business, and really never take that hour to spend connecting with co-workers or friends or even family if they are close by.  What about connecting with the most important person in our lives?  Christ!  Many churches have Noon masses where people spend half of their lunch hour being nourished at the table of the Lord.  If you can't do that, how about spending an hour of quiet somewhere, anywhere to just take in silence?  Eat a sandwich on a park bench.  Eat under a tree.  Eat by the Bay.  Eat somewhere where you can reconnect with your God.  (Please don't eat in church cause then your pastor's will get mad at me.)  So, sometime this Lent, make it a point to schedule a business lunch with your most important, most influential, and most forgiving "Client".