Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 2: Spreading Lenten Cheer

People aren’t used to smiles.  They aren’t used to others being kind to them. Sadly, they aren’t even used to civility anymore. This applies especially to those who serve us at cash registers, restaurants, or anything that involves customer service. 

Last night, I drove out of my church parking lot at a quarter of 10 on a completely empty stomach and decided to pass by the McDonald’s by the rectory to get what passes as a Fillet O’Fish these days.  When I drove up to the cashier window, the young girl asked me how I was doing.  I responded with a sincere smile and said, “I’m doing great.”  She was taken aback and said, “Wow!  Great?  I never hear that one.”  We both shared a laugh and then I started thinking about all the people that drive past that window who don’t treat this child of God as she deserves to be treated.  All the insults, all the frustration thrown at her, all the lack of basic human Christians, we cannot treat people this way no matter impatient or frustrated we get.

So the next time you’re in a long line at the store or sitting forever at a restaurant or waiting for 30 minutes to talk with someone at the cable company, remember that you may be the only person that day that treats them like a child of God.