Sunday, February 3, 2013

Love Is...

"[Love] bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." (1 Cor 13:7)
Love is…
A heavenly child crying in a manger.
Giving everything to God or neighbor.
A mother loving the child in her womb even though she has never met him or her.
Two people consecrating their lives to each other in the sacrament of marriage and understanding exactly what they are doing.
An elderly woman struggling to make it to Mass every morning at 7am.
A father working 14 hours and still making time to do homework with his kids and tuck them into bed.
A child unexpectedly and without agenda telling his father that he loves him.
A priest sitting on a short wooden stool for 7 hours listening to confessions.
A young man making the ultimate decision to not go to college and enter seminary to become a priest.
A firefighter rushing into a burning tower.
A mother wiping runny noses, changing diapers, finishing homework, packing lunches…all before she heads out the door for work.
A teacher spending hours after school with a student until they“get it.”
An elderly couple worn down by years still holding hands as they walk down a beach.
A newlywed husband missing his working/traveling wife so much that he boards a flight without luggage to fly to her because he cannot bear to spend a night without her.
Two friends sitting together, not saying a word, and yet saying everything.
A wife or husband staring adoringly at their spouse during their final hours on earth knowing that God is about to call their beloved home and trusting that God will take care of them.
A young Virgin saying yes to an angel.
An upright and just carpenter saying yes to an angel and raising the Son of God as his own.
A Rabbi taking off his cloak during a Passover meal and washing the feet of his 12 disciples.
The Son of God giving us his body and blood to eat and drink every single day.
A crown of thorns.
Three nails.
Two pieces of wood.
Blood shed so that we might have life.
Christ on a cross.