Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 28: Short Fuse

Raise your hand if you've gotten to the point in Lent where everything is beginning to bug you. (My hand is firmly raised like Horshack's in "Welcome Back Kotter.).

This is perfectly normal. The desert is getting to us. We long for the refreshing waters of Easter. But this is also a sign and Lenten lesson that we need to center ourselves more on God. Don't you think Jesus must have felt frustrated at times with the motley crew he surrounded himself with?  And with the Pharisees constantly needling him?  Yet he took those incidents as teachable moments and opportunities to dispense his Divine Mercy.

So if you find yourself having a short fuse these days, it's to center ourselves more on Jesus and one more valuable piece of advice: let things go and let it slide off of you (as they say in Spanish: "que te resbale").