Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 34: The Importance of Confession

When I logged on this morning to the Archdiocesan website, I discovered that our Communications Department had published one of my recent messages to my parishioners.  The message is the same one that I have emphasized over and over again during this Lenten season which is that the Lord is inviting you (yes, you!) to return to Him in the beautiful Sacrament of Confession.  This weekend the Archdiocese is having its annual Reconciliation Weekend on Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon.  So as we get ready for Holy Week:
  1. Read the message that I wrote to my parishioners on confession by clicking here:  The Importance of Confession 
  2. Find a parish near you in the schedule attached to the message.
  3. Make a good examination of conscience.  Here's a very good and detailed one: (Examination of Conscience from The Fatima Center)
  4. Go to confession.
  5. Rejoice in the beauty of God's forgiveness.
That sounds like a good to do list for this week. 

So, I'm going to confession this week.  Are you?