Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 37: The Heat and Confession

There's a joke going around that LeBron gave up losing for Lent.  Clever especially after last night's remarkable comeback and game.  So here's where I started linking what the Heat are accomplishing to what we're trying to accomplish this Lent: we all want to win.  They want to win championships.  We want to win the greatest prize which is eternal life.  The Heat want to eradicate any losing mentality from their team.  We want to eradicate the losing that comes with sin from our lives.  Sin can only lead us to great loss and misery.  True joy isn't found in championships, winning streaks, or amazing comebacks.  True joy is only found when we rid our hearts of sin and start a winning streak of our own by living holy lives.  We start this by going to the sacrament of Confession.  They say LeBron is now free to reach greater heights because he has won his first title.  That is nothing compared to the freedom that we will feel and the heights we will reach once we rid our hearts of sin.  So it all boils down to the tweet that I sent out early this morning:

"Like the Miami Heat, you too could give up losing for Lent...go to Confession: Forgiveness > #HeatStreak"