Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 39: "We Are Brothers"

It seems like we wake up to joyous news from Rome every morning since Lent started.  A historic first occured this morning when Pope Francis met with his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI at Castel Gandolfo.  They embraced at the helipad then they went to pray together.  As they entered the chapel, Benedict pointed to a chair and a kneeler that had been prepared for Pope Francis, but Francis would not sit by himself.  "We are brothers," he told his predecessor, and the two went to the first pew of the chapel and both knelt in prayer.  Both bear or have born the heavy burdens of the Petrine Office.  Both have a unique love for the universal Church.  The picture below as they knelt before the Blessed Sacrament speaks volumes.  As a Church, we are so very blessed because we have Francis leading us and Benedict praying for us from behind the scenes.  Two popes.  One love.  May the Good Shepherd guide them both and may our Blessed Mother always protect them.