Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 38: The Truth Hurts

Over the last couple of days, we've been reading about how the Pharisees were getting more irritated with what Jesus was saying to the point of picking up stones to cast at him.  Truth is that the words and message of Jesus irritate the world, and when we as Christians help spread Christ's message, we too become irritating to many. The truth of Jesus Christ does indeed hurt the world because it is a truth that the world cannot and will not accept.  It is not convenient.  It does not lead to instant gratification.  It does not lead to an easy life.  BUT it does lead us into the safe and loving and forgiving arms of a God who loves us to no end and who will keep us safe and secure from the stones that may be cast our way.  We must never tire of speaking the truth of Jesus Christ no matter how irritating it may be to those who hear it.  We must never confuse respect for someone else's beliefs with compromising our own beliefs because we are ashamed to speak the truth.