Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 13: Monday Monday

Of course we don't like Mondays.  We gotta go back to work and school.  Many have to fight traffic.  The relaxation of the weekend gives way to the stress of the week.  But why does it have to be stressful?  If we commend ourselves to God from the moment we wake up on Monday morning and entrust ourselves to His love and mercy, then the week takes on a new meaning.  Traffic?  Many parishioners tell me that the time they spend in the car is the only moment of solitude, of silence that they have during the day (if you turn off the radio and hang up the phone) .  Many pray a rosary, and some just simply talk to God.  So instead of dreading Monday or traffic or the work week, embrace it as opportunities of grace the Lord has given us to grow closer to him wherever His will takes us.