Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 24: Don't Limit God's Mercy

Too often a priest hears a parishioner tell him that they don't go to confession because their sins are "unforgivable."  I always respond: "Why do you put limits on God's mercy?"  His mercy is infinite.  It knows no bounds.  As I said earlier in the week, it defies logic and goes beyond any human comprehension.  We may look upon evil deeds that others do and think to ourselves that we cannot possibly forgive them, but God does.  Adultery? Forgiven.  Murder? Forgiven?  Abortion? Forgiven.  Even the greatest of sinners (insert name of evil dictator or despot here) can be forgiven by our God if they genuinely repent.  This concept of God's infinite mercy is something that I take with me every time I enter the confessional.  There we should find a place of healing, of peace, and of mercy.  So let's stop making excuses as to why we don't go to confession.  There is nothing so grave that it cannot be forgiven.  Even if the world doesn't forgive you for what you may have done, God will!!