Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 25: The Pope's Confession

Pictures, videos, and images speak volumes and are at times the best homilies and sermons.  Yesterday Pope Francis led a Penance Service at St. Peter's Basilica.  The service included some readings, chants, and a homily by the Holy Father.  But what everyone will remember from last night is how the Pope, while being led to where he was going to hear confessions, surprised his secretary and went to confession himself:
To my knowledge, and I could be wrong (I have been before), this is the first photograph or video I have ever seen of a Pope going to confession.  It definitely speaks volumes.  The Servant of the Servants of God leading by example.  He has been pleading with us all Lent to go to confession, so he shows us the way like Christ did.  Which leads us to the question I posed yesterday on Twitter when I first saw this video:  "If the Pope goes to confession, what is holding you back?" 

P.S.  It's Saturday.  There's a church near you that's offering confessions today.  Consider this your invitation to return to the Lord through confession.