Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 3: Real Fast

Fasting for the sake of fasting isn't really fasting.  Fasting should lead us towards awareness of the poor and should spur us into action to tend to those who are most needy.  During his Ash Wednesday homily, Pope Francis said, "Fasting helps us to train the heart to essentiality and sharing.  It is a sign of awareness and responsibility in the face of injustices, abuses, especially towards the poor and the little ones, and is a sign of trust in God and His providence."

Fasting should make us aware of what is most essential in our lives:  God.  It should help remove the clutter from our hearts to be more aware of God's presence and the presence of those in need of our help.  Yes, fasting is difficult.  It requires sacrifice and hardship, but it should also bring a sense of joy to the Christian soul because it allows us to focus more on God than on the things that we give up.  It should not be seen as an obligation, an obsession, or an imposition, but rather as an opportunity to bring God to the forefront of our lives so that we may be better Christians and help those who are most vulnerable, for our sacrifices are their daily realities.