Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 24 - Have Fun (Part 2)

So did you allow yourself to have fun?  Did you celebrate God’s love for you and share it with others?  In the process of conversion, we must reach a point where we recognize, almost by necessity, the immensity of God’s love and our call to not only respond to it but to share that love.  That is why Jesus stresses the two great commandments in today’s gospel, for if we love God and share that love with our neighbor then we will be the recipients of great joy.   On this day, Psalm 81 exhorts us to hear the voice of God.  If we truly hear his voice and embrace the love of God and neighbor above all things, life becomes a celebration.  Life becomes fun!  That is why I love my priesthood and love every aspect of my ministry because as my pastor says, “where else could I have more fun?”