Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 37 - The Faith of Our Teenagers

All throughout Lent, the teenagers of our parish have been gathering on Wednesdays after school to pray the chaplet of the Divine Mercy in our church.  They’ve been doing so quietly and without much fanfare.  I had heard about it last week, but didn’t know how many were going.  Yesterday afternoon, I was walking through the parking lot when I saw a bunch of young people congregating in front of the church.  I approached because I was curious to see how many kids were there.  They were passing out rosaries and instructions on how to pray the Chaplet.  I walked in to pray it with them.  The Youth Minister asked for their intentions which they presented to the Lord, and then very solemnly, they knelt and sang the entire Chaplet with incredible devotion.  As a priest, I was incredibly moved by their faith and the way they approached this devotion.  Just when you think you’ve seen it all, God surprises you in such incredible ways.  With me, it was with the teenagers of my parish.  God bless them all.